Building vision

The Industrial Visions group considers

  • Broad Environmental Drivers (beyond technology - eg societal, economic, geo-political, ecological...)    
  • Industry Trends and    
  • Technology Possibilities, Emerging Innovations & Needs

Typically, several major technology themes are identified through this process, coalesced and developed into a set of discussion papers, to form the basis for wider consultation. A formulation of the overall 'direction of travel' of the industry and global society is also documented, to provide an overarching strategic context for the identified themes.  Thus, for example, in 2010 we published a paper entitled "The Third Wave of Wireless", providing an overview of our vision for a world in which the first two waves - of connectivity (mobile telephony) and content (mobile Internet) - is being complemented by context (realtime, individualised, sensor information from connected users and objects) and provided examples of how the new capabilities that this will allow could transform a variety of different industries. The transformation of industry and society has the potential to exceed even the economic impact to date of mobile phones and mobile Internet.


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