What Comes Next ? 'Delivering Digital...'

The Next Strategic Vision: 'Delivering Digital...' 

The overarching direction of travel at the present time is well described as 'Delivering Digital' - creating ubiquitous ICT-enabled services and applications that will transform our societies and industries, beyond ICT. 'Delivering Digital' surely includes the cyber-resources of data, cloud and Internet APIs, as promoted by the Information industry, but goes beyond this. To deliver in the physical world in which people live, these must be augmented by the physical-resources of connectivity, realtime/endpoint context, and telecom APIs ('smart pipes'). Several technology themes are emerging that will play an important role in delivering this vision, which will form a basis for consultation during the latter half of 2011, to prioritise activities for 2012 & beyond. Such themes, inter alia, are expected to include such issues as: 

  • The New Sustainability - the use of Digital to better manage a world of diminishing global resource
  • Connected People & Smart Environments - Smart Cities, the Internet of Things, a world of M2M 
  • Flexible Spectrum & RF - Breakthroughs in RF technology to enable economic & flexible use of spectrum
  • Intelligence Everywhere - re-distributing intelligence between the device and the network edge, to bring new value to the network
  • Cybersecurity - aka Network Protection & Resilience, more vital than ever as the technology is deployed to enable every other industry
  • Quality of Experience, Quality of Life - moving from simple communication metrics to economic/experience metrics that address user value


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